Features For Designers – Walkthrough

Interesting alternative to shopify for tshirt designers

This blogpost is aimed at designers or prospective designers who want to know about selling their designs on T-Shirt.uk.

Features available now

  • Your own “brand homepage”
  • T-shirt production – done for you.
  • Dispatch via Royal Mail – done for you.
  • Customer Service – done for you.
  • Google AdWords – done for you.
  • Email Marketing – done for you.
  • Retargetting – done for you.
  • Unlimited earning potential.
  • Withdraw earnings by bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Gift royalties (or proportion) to charity.
  • Choose your own selling price.

Coming Soon

  • Analytics dashboards emailed to you.
  • Let us know what you want next!

Let’s take a look at the interface….

earn money selling tshirt designs

Upload a cover image and logo.

The logo goes on top of the cover image on your store.

Interesting alternative to shopify for tshirt designers

Add a brand description

This shows up both on your shop homepage as well as in each of your product pages.

image showing how you can earn money uploading tshirt designs

Add a design.

Too much hassle? We want you to be really happy selling on T-Shirt.uk so we are happy to help with uploading – you can just email us the transparent png files (min 300dpi) and we will take care of t-shirt mock-ups and everything else to get the product live.

Seen enough and want to sign up – please go here and tell us a bit about yourself!